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"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation"

– Gordon B Hinkley


Protecting your financial and human capital is the first step in wealth creation.

Human capital is your unique ability to generate cashflow and is the present value of all of your future wages.

Financial capital are those assets that will provide you in income in the future.

Our role at Legacy Planning is to help identify potential risks in planning for your future.We do this in a number of ways:




The tools we use to achieve this are:

Managing your risks is the principle foundation of creating wealth.  Understanding what the financial risks are; and their potential impacts is the first step to mitigating the risks. Unfortunately in many cases, we cannot eliminate these risks altogether as we cannot control the circumstances through which they occur.  To manage this we may be able to transfer these risks to an insurance company by taking out cover that can help to protect us financially against the wide range of financial risks we face on a daily basis.

What are we protecting ourselves from?

Financial and personal Risks

What are we protecting ourselves from?

Financial (cash flow, market and timing risks)

Personal (injury, illness or death)

Our role

Help you identify potential risks

Help you manage these risks

mitigate (discipline and consistency)

transfer (insurance, expertise – funds management)

manage (diversification, self-insure)

Our tools

Understanding risk and return (no such thing as a free lunch)


Transferring risk to bigger balance sheets and/or to experts

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